The Legacy Project

The Ernest Bloch Legacy Project is a volunteer organization composed of several dedicated individuals who have a genuine interest in preserving the legacy of the composer. While interested in the music of the composer, the Ernest Bloch Legacy Project is focused more directly on the man who lived in Agate Beach, Oregon. We pay tribute to the fact that the Blochs chose to buy a house and live on the Oregon coast from 1941 to 1963. To that end we desire to have Newport seen as a destination for cultural tourists to learn more about the man who was a musician, composer, philosopher, humanist, beachcomber, photographer and mycophagist.

It should be noted that there was an Ernest Bloch Legacy Foundation, or Ernest Bloch Foundation, which existed as a nonprofit organization from 2009 to 2018, when it was dissolved. Upon dissolution, the balance of its funds were donated to the Ernest Bloch Legacy Project and its creation of Ernest Bloch Place, an installation within the Ernest Bloch Memorial Wayside.