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Bloch Festschrift Collection

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“The Bloch Collection contains pedagogical material gathered by Bloch in his career as a teacher, and papers pertaining to his own lifelong technical and analytic studies; he hand-copied many of the materials in the latter category for posterity and use. Among his studies are a series of notebooks containing a record of Bloch’s extensive studies of counterpoint, harmony, fugue, form, and what he termed “configuration.” He also made extensive and detailed analyses of pieces by Bach, Beethoven, and others. The series of Bloch’s teaching materials include lecture notes, tests, and student papers from his work at the Cleveland Institute and the University of California at Berkely, including manuscripts of student’s (Roger Sessions, Henry Elwell, and Randall Thompson among them) studies in fugue, in the students’ own hands. Some of Bloch’s correspondence with Elwell, and Elwell’s memoirs of Bloch, may also be found in the collection.”