Name of Work, Instrumentation (Orchestral Works), Dedicatee(s)


Note: Text by Bloch.

Medium: Unison voices and organ

Note: Birchard published versions for men’s voices in 1929 (copyright expiry: 2024), four-part mixed choirin 1929 (exp. 2024), and women’s voices in 1930. For text and piano score of anthem, see also ‘Triumphant and Onward’, Boston Evening Transcript (22 December 1928), 5.

Named Movements:

I: 1620: The Soil – The Mayflower – The Landing of the Pilgrims

II: 1861-1865: Hours of Joy – Hours of Sorrow

III: 1926: The Present – The Future.

Date Composed/Published: 1928

Length: 1 1/2′

Publisher Expiry of Copyright: Broude 2023

Courtesy Cambridge University Press, Editors Alexander Knapp, Norman Solomon