Alfred Stieglitz

In Benita Eisler’s biography of Georgia O’Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, she wrote that Alfred “and Georgia were one in their belief that music — in its fusion of intuitive expressive content and abstract rational form — was the most perfect of the arts.” Alfred is quoted as saying: “I had told Miss O’Keeffe I wanted a series of photographs which when seen by Ernest Bloch (the great composer) he would exclaim: “Music! Music! Man, why that is music! How did you ever do that?” And he would point to violins, and flutes, and oboes, and brass, full of enthusiasm, and would say he’d have to write a symphony called “Clouds.” “According to Stieglitz, the fantasy became reality “when finally I had my series of ten photographs printed, and Bloch saw them– what I said I wanted to happen happened verbatim,” he insisted.