Biographical: 1890-1896



1890:  His first love is Laetitia Picard.

1891:  Enters into the Geneva Conservatory and vows to become a composer.  He becomes friends with Aloys Mooser and Alfred Pochon.

1892:  Begins serious study of the violin with Geneva’s greatest violinist, Louis Rey.

1893:  Made his Bar Mitzva and begins study of composition study with Jaques-Dalcroze.  Gets a “nerve sickness” which lasts several months.

1894:  Leaves secondary school to consecrate himself entirely to musical study.
Began Study of music theory and composition with Emile Jacques-Dalcroze at the Geneva     Conservatory of Music, who advised him to continue violin instruction under Louis Etienne-Reyer at the same institution.

May 1895:  Composes an Andante for Quartet which he plays with friends.

September 1895:  Attempts to write a Symphonie Funèbre (unpublished).

February 1896:  Passed the exam to study at the Music Academy of Geneva in the class of Louis Rey.  Finishes his first String Quartet (unpublished).

Spring 1896:  Shows his Quartet to the great violinist, Martin Marsick, who convinces his parents to let him continue his studies with Ysaÿe, in Brussels.  Began further violin study under Franz Schörg of the Royal Conservatory of Music.

April-July 1896:  Composes a Symphonie Orientale (unpublished).