This site is maintained by Dr. Frank Jo Maitland Geltner, the “Flamekeeper” of the Ernest Bloch Legacy Project — which is based in Newport, Oregon, the home of Ernest Bloch from 1941 to 1959.

This website is maintained in the spirit of collecting all things valuable to an international community interested in preserving the legacy of Ernest Bloch.

During his lifetime, Ernest Bloch was known as “The Man from Agate Beach.” During Bloch’s lifetime, Agate Beach had its own post office. Now, Agate Beach is the northern-most district of Newport, Oregon.

In 1976, in this same wayside, the Governor of Oregon along with Bloch’s three children dedicated an Ernest Bloch Memorial. The site of the memorial was several hundred feet from the house in which the Blochs lived from 1941 to 1963. Ernest Bloch died in 1959. Marguerite Bloch died in 1963.

In 2009, on the 50th anniversary of Bloch’s passing, the City of Newport designated the entrance to wayside as “Ernest Bloch Place.”

In 2017 the Oregon Department of Transportation named this wayside in the Agate Beach district — the Ernest Bloch Memorial Wayside.

On July 21, 2018, the Ernest Bloch Memorial Wayside was formally dedicated, with the the 1976 Memorial being moved to and included in a new installation featuring a new monument, five benches, and an interpretive sign.